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What is intrinsically motivated learning?

July 19, 2012 at 2:15 PM

At the center of AWE’s commitment is the desire for every child to be an inspired, lifelong learner. Every product and service is designed to create environments that foster intrinsically motivated learning. An intrinsically motivated child, according to Stanford professor of Psychology Mark Lepper, participates in an activity “for their own sake, for the enjoyment it provides, the learning it permits, or the feelings of accomplishment it evokes." Thus, AWE continually seeks ways to engage kids, providing a means for them to learn through fun and engaging activities. The end result? Kids will want to continue to learn.

Motivation can have a variety of effects for how children learn, including improved performance as well as increased effort and energy. Ultimately, students who are self-motivated experience greater academic success. AWE’s products offer contextual learning that kids find fun—generating greater interest and motivation than when subjects are presented in an abstract matter.

Source: Diana Cordova, Mark Lepper (1995) Intrinsic Motivation and the Process of Learning: Beneficial Effects of Contextualization, Personalization, and Choice