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Librarian and Kids using AWE's Early Literacy Station

How do I provide a safe digital learning experience that attracts kids to my library?

  • By providing an intuitive product that is easy for them to use and even easier for you to manage
  • By using a proven solution with over 140 million hours of learning time
  • By implementing a reliable computer dedicated for children that requires no Internet connection and near-zero technical support

Early Literacy Station™

The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is an all-in-one touchscreen computer designed specifically for children ages 2-8. Because it does not require an Internet connection, it is a safe and secure educational solution for children in your library. The latest version features more than 70 educational software programs (featuring hundreds of activities) spanning all seven curricular areas.

Version 11 is available! Check out what's new here.

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AfterSchool Edge™

Similar to the Early Literacy Station (ELS), the AfterSchool Edge is designed for older children, 6-12 years old. It is a perfect companion to the ELS in your library. It features more than 50 top-rated educational software titles that cover all areas of curriculum, including math, science, reading, financial literacy, music, and art. It is a great homework help assistant!

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AWE Tablet

The AWE tablet is a mobile version of AWE's popular workstation-based learning solutions, the Early Literacy Station and the AfterSchool Edge. Unlike other tablets or the iPad, the AWE tablet features rich educational content programs that are engaging, intuitive interface organization and navigation, and rock-solid security. With the AWE tablet, you don't need to constantly update current apps or worry about patrons deleting apps

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ELF™ Reading & Reference

ELF Reading & Reference is a new web-based solution for public libraries that combines AWE’s safe online environment for children (ELF Child-Safe Browser) with three additional premium educational resources: Britannica Online for Kids - Public Library Edition, nonfiction e-books from Rourke Publishing, and the growing Speakaboos catalogue of exclusive, interactive digital storybooks.

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ELF™ Child-Safe Browser

Education = Learning + Fun! The ELF Child-Safe Browser allows children to safely explore carefully chosen, highly engaging educational resources on the Internet. With ELF, children can only visit sites that are appropriate and educational, on a secure network managed by AWE. The content control software enables you to add or remove websites for your library. To use a free version of the ELF Child-Safe Browser, simply connect your AWE computer to your Internet network.

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