Engage Young Minds— Create a Lifetime of Success

A focus on the critical period of PreK–Grade 3. An unmatched collection of digital content. Personalized education. Dedicated to reaching all students—at the front, in the middle, at the back. This is the AWE story.

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The premier digital learning experience
for children PreK–Grade 3

  • Unrivaled digital learning suite covers all major subject areas
  • Perfectly blend prescriptive, collaborative, and explorative learning
  • Personalized Educational Plans and Learning Portfolios

Focused on Blended Learning

Turn a traditional PreK–Grade 3 classroom into a blended learning success story.

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Comprehensive Educational Content

AWE delivers the most comprehensive set of digital early education content. All subject areas. All learning styles. Prescriptive, collaborative, and explorative instructional methods are all supported.

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Robust Tracking & Reporting

Evaluate your investment and your students' achievement with AWE's reports, covering progress, usage, interest, and aptitude.

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Extensive Assessments

Integrated school-readiness/observational assessments and formative reading and math assessments to evaluate your students.

Intuitive Interface

Students access the educational content using engaging, intuitve interfaces that they can navigate by themselves.

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Proven Efficacy

The educational content applications are highly reviewed, proven winners.

Personalized Education Plans

The PEP feature enables teachers to create customized educational content plans for their students. You can also assign specific activities within certain programs to personalize the PEP even more for specific student needs.

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Hassle-Free Technology Implementation

AWE’s integrated solutions don't cause the pain most technology implementations do. It's not another technology silo, it's a complete solution ready to go.

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