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Kids having fun with AWE's tablet solution

How do I challenge my students to become successful learners?

  • Create personalized lesson plans, develop student learning portfolios
  • Provide a wide range of eclectic content that covers all curricular areas and aligns with educational standards
  • Develop a successful blended learning environment that requires near-zero technical support: focus on learning, not on technical issues

Student Learning Center™ (SLC)

The Student Learning Center (SLC) enables schools to create a personalized, blended learning environment in their classrooms. Students can work on the SLC independently, in groups, and with a teacher one-on-one. The SLC features 75+ educational programs and it can be tailored to each individual student. Plus, they are very easy to administer and manage.

Version 11 is available! Check out what's new here.

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AWE Tablet

The AWE Student Learning Center tablet is a complete mobile solution for PreK-Grade 3. It is designed specifically for your youngest students—ready to go right out of the box. It features thousands of targeted activities across all subject areas and learning styles. The unrivaled educational content correlated to Common Core and state standards. Watch video.

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AfterSchool Edge™

The AfterSchool Edge is a complete, all-in-one educational computer solution that features content for all elementary school grade levels. It is perfect for afterschool programs and computer labs. The content covers all curriculum areas, including math, art, science, and vocabulary. With over 60 educational programs and hundreds of activities, children of every learning level will find the AfterShool Edge engaging and fun. There is something for everyone!

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ELF™ Reading & Reference

ELF Reading & Reference is a new web-based solution that combines AWE’s safe online environment for children (ELF Child-Safe Browser) with three additional premium educational resources: Britannica Online for Kids, nonfiction interactive e-books from Rourke Publishing, and the growing Speakaboos catalogue of exclusive, interactive digital storybooks. More subscription resources to be available as part of the ELF browser soon!

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