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AWE's custom made tablet with complete educational solution

Student Learning Center™ Tablet

The AWE The Student Learning Center™ tablet is a complete mobile solution for PreK - Grade 3.

The AWE tablet features rich educational content programs that are engaging, intuitive interface organization and navigation, and rock-solid security. With the AWE tablet, you don't need to constantly update apps or worry about young students moving or deleting apps.

The Student Learning Center™ (SLC) tablet helps schools create a personalized, blended learning environment in their classrooms. The SLC can be tailored to each individual student using the PEP (Personalized Education Plans) feature. Students can learn at their own pace, which helps foster confidence and knowledge retention.

The SLC features educational content designed for grades PreK-Grade 1 and the Student Learning Center Elementary is for K-Grade 3. The content spans all seven curricular areas, including reading, math and science and other STEM topics, social studies, writing, art and music, and reference.

The SLC features reporting and tracking, personalized lesson plans, and a portfolio of activities for each student. Teachers and administrators can access and monitor this information from anywhere on the Internet cloud.

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Educational content titles on the AWE Tablet - Student Learning Center
The Student Learning Center tablet features a wide range of educational content titles that span all curricular areas and are correlated to state and Common Core standards. The content on the Student Learning Center uniquely supports Prescriptive, Collaborative, and Explorative learning.

PDF file: List of content titles - Student Learning Center - PreK-Grade 1
PDF file: List of content titles - Student Learning Center Elementary - K-Grade 3

Educational standards

The educational software content on AWE products is aligned with U.S. state and national standards.

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Available tablet options

AWE offers a number of optional items to enhance the tablet experience and security.

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